It's been said that no matter where you go, you will find someone with a connection to Buffalo and the 716. That has been especially true lately with this one particular classic TV game show.

Over the last few months, at least two Buffalo families have appeared on the nationally syndicated game show Family Feud, both the Smith Family and the Kline Family have represented the 716 to fullest. Now it's time for the Badger Family to make their presence known.

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Since 1976, Family Feud has entertained families all across North America with fun banter and great wholesome fun. The game show was created more than 40 years ago by Mark Goodson and has been on American TV since.

Originally the show was run on ABC and CBS for 23 years. After its network television run, it entered syndication and has been produced that was since 1999.

The primary idea of the show is pretty basic: two teams of families, each with five (5) members, battles head to head against each other guessing the answers to various survey questions. The show features a host who manages the show, acts as a moderator, and interacts with the families. Each correct answer is worth a certain amount of points and if a family wins a question and answer round, that family earns the points. The first family to 400 points wins.

The Badger Family from Buffalo is made up of Nia, Liz, Demario, Jenae, and Moe. This great family has represented the 716 for years and are true blue Buffalo backers.

You may already be familiar with family member Moe Badger who is a Buffalo Police Officer and member of the Buffalo-based singing group, The Buffalo Cops.

The Badgers episode of Family Feud will be on TV on Wednesday, September 29, 2022. at 7:30 pm.

Let's go Buffalo and let's go Badger family!

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