How long are you willing to sit in your car for your favorite pizza? A half hour? An hour? This family of 3 drove for almost 12 hours to Central New York just to get their favorite pizza.

Originally from Clinton, Rand, his wife Sarah, and their son Cole had moved down south to Hickory, NC. On their way to The Adirondacks for a family trip, they got off the thruway just to stop at their favorite pizza place. They say that Central New York's pizza is the best they'll ever have.

For the last 10 years, Rand, Sarah, and Cole have been making this trip up to the Adirondacks and for the last 10 years, they've stopped at Laurey's Pizzeria in Clinton to get their upside-down pizza. They ate their whole pizza and even took an extra one to go for them to eat later.

They also said that no matter what, whenever this family finds their way to Central New York, they'll stop in and savor each bite.

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