If you love rare craft beer, and especially IPA's mark your calendar for October 24.

The Alchemist - a popular brewery in Vermont is releasing a limited supply of one of their rare beers, 'Focal Banger,' to a handful of Wegman's stores in New York.

'Focal Banger' is an 'easy to drink' IPA that is 7% ABV and has been named the best IPA in the America by Draft Magazine in 2016, and Men's Journal has also called it one of the top 25 IPA's in the country.

The thing about 'Focal Banger' is that it is only produced in small batches, so it's hard to find outside of The Alchemist's two locations in Vermont.

Even when they make a fresh batch of 'Focal Banger' or their other fan favorite 'Heady Topper,' they tend to sell out within hours and even minutes.

So that's why if you plan to wait in line at one of the participating Wegman's, you'll only be able to buy one can(The Alchemist is only releasing 120 16oz cans to NYS) for $10, and you must drink it right there. No taking it home.

The five Wegmans locations offering 'Focal Banger' are:

  • The full-service restaurants in Perinton, near Rochester
  • Transit Road in Buffalo near Williamsville
  • The 'Burger Bars' at the stores in Canandaigua.
  • Pittsford near Rochester
  • DeWitt, near Syracuse.

The Alchemist has become sort of a legend among craft beer lovers. When their first beer 'Heady Topper' debuted, enthusiasts would drive for hours just to stand in line for hours to get their hands on a few cans.

Oh and speaking from personal experience, yes, it is that good.



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