This past weekend, maybe you got out and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful weather. If you were outside in the Syracuse area around night time, did you notice an explosion in the skies?

On the Syracuse subreddit of Reddit, one poster explained how her and her husband saw an explosion in the sky on May 24th 2020 around 10:30PM:

So my husband and I were outside last night having a bonfire and I was enjoying the amazing view of the stars. Every few minutes we were able to see satellites wonder across the sky. At one point I saw what I thought was a satellite but quickly realized it was probably a plane because it was lower and had some blinking color. But the color wasn’t a consistent flashing you’d see in most planes. So I continued to watch. As it’s path curved, it let off pops of bright light and then exploded. My husband and I then watched the small bright ball drop and disappear...."

The poster asked advice on what it could have been. The explosion was reported to have moved from the North to South East in the sky. Many others commented that it could be a meteor, or other pieces of space junk burning through out atmosphere:

It was likely some sort of "space junk" (decommissioned satellites, parts of old launchers, etc). They are "slower" than meteorites (still traveling very fast, obviously), and generally less dense, so they are more more easily impacted by atmospheric forces, which can cause their path to change as they descend."

Another poster goes on to explain how her and her husband spotted something on May 25th around 12:30AM:

My husband saw the same thing at 12:20am. Abnormal fireball. Gold colored and it splintered off. It didn't make any sound. He was out walking our dog and she actually saw it first and barked at it."

Did you happen to spot anything odd in the skies of Central New York?

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