If you were in the Syracuse area of Fayetteville, did you hear an explosion?

On the Syracuse Reddit, an explosion sound was reported on Monday October 25th around noon. Here's what one poster asked:

Shortly after noon today I heard (and felt) what sounded like a huge explosion. Does anybody know what our where exactly it might have been? Thanks."

Apparently the explosion was reported on cny911.com happening at Genesee Street and Highbridge Road. This was where the 911 call came in, not necessarly the explosion itself. Syracuse.com reported that this was a scheduled blast at Jamesville quarry.

They think low cloud cover might have amplified the sound making it louder and more widely heard than usual."

Many users in the Syracuse area reported hearing it.

User FriendToPredators:  "I heard it too near SU campus. Rattled my porch door which tends to capture sounds. I turned on the police/fire band but nothing there."

User trippygypsy: "My fiancé heard it in Manlius and it was heard as far as Minoa."

User EastCoast_Cyclist: "Working from my home office near Green Lakes, I heard this sound, which was indeed disruptive enough to rattle the house windows"

Did you hear the sounds on October 25th 2021? Let us know by texting us on our station app.

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