Go inside an abandoned elementary school in Herkimer, New York that closed in the early 90s.

Dan Laroe of Northeastern Abandoned Exploration toured the school; a place students once went to learn that now sits littered with memories and decay. A few desks, chairs, and lockers are still left behind. There's even a chalkboard with students' names that's been left untouched for more than 20 years.

Photo Credit: Dan Laroe/TSM
Photo Credit: Dan Laroe/TSM

Renamed in 1956

The original building from 1878 on North Washington Street was replaced by the North school in 1923, according to 'Herkimer County Valley Towns.' It was renamed in 1956 for Loraine W Bills, the superintendent for 20 years. The school closed in 1991.

Laroe likes to capture old memories inside abandoned buildings around Central New York. "Classic school buildings with huge classrooms and huge windows and the stories and memories those long hallways hold are easily my favorites to explore," says Laroe.

Inside Abandoned Herkimer Elementary School

Take a step back in time inside an abandoned school in Herkimer, New York where desks and memories are littered with decay.

See more pictures at Northeastern Abandoned Exploration on Facebook or Dan Laroe's website.

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