If you browse Google Maps you'll notice a airport listed in Marcy called Riverside Airport. This airport hasn't seen any sort of planes landing at it since the late 90's. Since then, it has grown abandoned and time has truly forgotten this magical spot. 

Riverside Airport was built between 1963-1967. The earliest reference found for it was located was on a 1967 Albany Sectional Chart. The runway size changed over the years and the last known runway was asphalt measuring 3,500' reported in 1982. The airport was wedged between the Thruway and the Erie Barge Canal, so the seaplanes could take off too. At the time of operation, Route 49 did not exist. The last remaining pieces of the runway were destroyed when 49 was built. The Riverside School of Aeronautics was also located at this site.

Riverside was closed at some point between 1995-1999. There is very little to no signs, other than the location on Google maps. So what in the world can you find at this site? Not a whole lot.


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