The Oneonta Norway Spruce is getting ready to travel to midtown Manhatten.

It’s slow going getting the tree ready to travel to Rockefeller Center. They’re very carefully smoothing the limbs together and wrapping them up. This process is very time-consuming but necessary for the health of the tree. Can you see the person inside the wrapped portion at the top of the tree pulling the branches up and in?

The owners of the Norway Spruce at 72 Country Club Road in Oneonta N.Y. are Angie and Graig Eichler and they're not allowed to talk to the media until the tree is cut down. Friends of the family are keeping us up to date on the progress.

NBC reports the tree will be cut down on November 10 and will arrive in midtown Manhattan on November 12. Her big coming out party is on November 30.

Special thanks to Thomas Romanelli of Oneonta for providing the photos and video.

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