Deer crossing the road in New York is not uncommon, unless you're in New York City. A kangaroo is another story. It happened near Ithaca, in Trumansburg, New York.

Andy Lederman saw the kangaroo cross Route 96. "I went to pick up a band member and saw this thing jump out of the wood. It was jumping weird. I had to jamp on my brakes. It stared right at me. I thought it wanted to fight. I wasn't about to get out my car. But it wouldnt stop looking at me," says Lederman.

Lederman's car is the one the kangaroo is looking at in this tweet from Jolene Almendarez.

"This guy came out of the woods. Another one came behind him. He looked like he'd been running for awhile," says Lederman. "The first guy wrestled him to the ground but the kangaroo kicked his butt. I would have hated to be that guy but I have to thank him. Thank you for taking the beating for me."

"I'm not scared of many things in life, but this kangaroo intimidated me. I've been in a few bar brawls before and I can tell you this kangaroo wanted to fight." jokes Lederman. "But I knew if I didn't take a picture, no one would believe me."

The kangaroo is believed to have escaped from the Trumansburg Fair, according to The Ithaca Voice.

Andy Lederman
Andy Lederman

There's been goats, alligators, moose, llamas and even a cow on the loose. Now we can add kangaroos to the list.


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