Max Kessler is still on cloud nine after meeting his twin, Adam Sandler on the red carpet of 'The Do-Over' movie premiere in L.A. He joined Tad and Polly an hour after catching the red eye home to New York to share his 'surreal' experience.

"It was awesome. Adam is an unbelievable guy," said Kessler who posed for pictures on the red carpet and even did a few interviews. "There were a lot of people on the red carpet that were like 'oh my god that's Max Kessler.' Some even thought I was related to Sandler."

We didn't talk about future films, if he even needs a son or a flashback I'm his guy

The S.U grad met Sandler for the first time during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I heard him say Maxie boy come over here. So I walked over and we hit if off. He's the man."

Sandler invited Max to play basketball during the interview, but they didn't end up hitting the court. "I went on a tour of the Happy Madison studios the next day. We didn't get to play because in his words he was too old and tired, but I did hang out with him."

The trip hasn't quite sunk in for Kessler who's happy there are pictures and video to relive the moment when his feet hit the ground. One thing he won't forget is Sandler, who may be a celebrity, but doesn't act like it. "It was such a surreal experience. He's very funny and the most down to earth guy you'll meet."

Although there's were no plans made for Kessler to start an acting career, he says you never know what the future holds. "We didn't talk about future films, if he even needs a son or a flashback, I'm his guy."

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