Erin Hamlin has received lots of national attention for her skills on the luge track at the Olympics. Now she's getting the spotlight on her thoughts about the Olympic Committee banning Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics from the USA Today.

In case you missed the story, Russian was banned from the upcoming Pyeongchang games after doping and the associated effort to cover it up.  Like many US athletes,  Erin told the newspaper it was reassuring that the Olympic ideal was being upheld and that cheating wasn't being tolerated.

“I was an athlete that competed at Sochi and to see all of the stuff that went on, it definitely hit home,” Hamlin added. “Setting the example that you can’t do that and get away with it is nice. It’s reassuring.”

Erin will be competing in her fourth and final Olympics, just the second US woman to compete in four games.Read her entire interview at USA


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