What's the most 'Wikipedia'd' name in central New York?

'The Pudding,' researched the most "Wikipedia'd" names for every city in the United States, including central new York. The actual website is pudding.cool. No, that's not a typo. Instead of com, you type cool.

Once you enter the website you can locate the article with an interactive map of the U.S.. You can then scroll, or zoom, in on a particular area of the country and that's where you can locate the most Wiki'd names.

Utica - Joe Bonnamassa (Jazz Guitarist born and raised in Utica)
Rome - Pat Reily (American basketball executive)
Remsen - Erin Hamlin (Olympic Medal Winner in Luge)
Herkimer - Scot Flansburg (The Human Calculator)
Deerfield - Mike Zarnock (World Record Holder for Biggest Hot Wheels collection)

It is very interesting to see who is the most Wiki'd person for most of the towns, villages and cities in the Central and Upstate New York. See who the most wiki'd person is in your town.

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