There are several places in New York that are hard to pronounce. Canandaigua, Canajoharie, Oswegatchie and Sklaneateles to name a few. During a Kubota Conversation with Eric Paslay at FrogFest, we see how well he can pronounce a few.

Despite missing a few, Paslay did fairly well. He even recalled the No Yes avenue he saw in Utica, otherwise known as Noyes Street, and the trip to Darien Lake where he was turned away from a roller coaster.

"The picture was taken by my bass player. They were like 'this really is happening.  This 14 year-old is telling our boss he can't ride a roller coaster and he just played a show there.' I'm right under the legal height. I even looked it up so I could fit. I walked all the way over. I should have worn my tennis shoes. The girl said you're a half inch too tall. But I'm not, my boots are," Paslay says.

The next time Paslay is in New York he can say, "I've tried to say your town's name before and failed."

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