Eric Church says he's planning a North American Tour, but stopped short of promising when it will launch.

A video message to fans shared on social media and YouTube offers very few details, other than he'll be playing a few cities for the first time and visiting some old stomping grounds. Sitting with guitar in hand and a warm living room scene behind him, Church offered the following:

Hey guys. We are working on a North American tour. We're waiting for the right timing to officially announce all the details, but I want you to know that a tour is coming, and we are very excited to play new music for our old friends. Coming to many of the cities that we've been to in the past and a few new ones. As usual, the Church Choir will get the first opportunity to buy tickets when they go on sale. I cannot wait to see you on the road.


The "Hell of a View" singer last toured in 2019 and mostly took last year off. This year he does have several festival dates on his official calendar, but a full-scale tour has not been announced. During an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Church indicated he was optimistic about being able to play for large audiences in Q4 (October), as by then enough people may have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, or the virus may be under control.

The new music he's referring to is songs from his Heart & Soul album series, slated for three-part release in April. It's clear he's anxious to take the stage and play these new songs and his catalog of hits.

"Somebody asked me if I'd take the vaccine. I said I'd take it in the eyeball to go strap on a guitar," he told the L.A. Times.

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