'The King of Rock and Roll,' Elvis Presley passed away just before he kicked off another leg of his 1977 tour. This part of the tour had stops in the northeast, and one of those stops happened to be Utica.

A seller on Ebay holds three tickets to the show Elvis never got to perform. The show was scheduled for 8:30pm on August 19, 1977 at the Utica AUD. Unfortunately, Elvis passed away in Memphis, Tennessee on August 16, 1977.

The coolest thing about these tickets? Probably the price... $15 to see Elvis Presley - and that's at a time when he was still rocking and rolling, and on top of his game.

Elvis Presley Tickets for the Utica AUD
Credit: rainbird5five via Ebay

According to the seller - rainbird5five on Ebay,

Elvis Presley passed away august 16,1977. This concert was scheduled 3 days after his death. The tickets are in 2 different sections,but 3 different seats Ticket 217 G 2 has some dis coloring, but the other pink and the yellow ticket are in great shape.

You can get a close-up of the tickets, or get more information (including purchasing information - if you're interested) by clicking here.

This was just one part of his August 1977 tour that never happened. According to All Experts the tour schedule looked like this:

August 17-18, 1977  Portland, Maine
August 19, 1977     Utica, New York
August 20, 1977     Syracuse, New York
August 21, 1977     Hartford, Connecticut
August 22, 1977     Uniondale, New York...

Six more dates were listed, and those headed back into the south. The last date listed was for August 27 and 28, - performances to be done in Memphis, Tennessee (a little ironic, I suppose).

The last performance Elvis Presley ever did on stage was on June 26, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana.




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