There's Halloween displays and then there's Haunted Housel. This Halloween attraction is one of the best in central New York. It's back for another season and you HAVE to see it.

Photo Credit - Haunted Housel

There are a few new attractions this year. Take a stroll on the haunted western town boardwalk.

Photo Credit - Haunted Housel

See the lawn that's covered with a skeleton army, some riding skeleton horse, while others use a catapult. Meet a clown or two at the haunted circus as you stumble around the corn maze, that is even lit at night.

Taylor Kimball says his uncle has been creating elaborate displays for a long time. "Every year since I was a kid, but it's really grown a lot in the last several years. He's just a kid at heart, honestly."


The Haunted Housel is at 4017 County Route 4 in Canandaigua. It's open Monday through Saturday from noon-10pm. "It's great to see everything during the day but it's spooky at night when it's all lit up."

A $5 donation per person is appreciated. Guests are asked to social distance and masks are required.

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