Eddie Montgomery wasn't feeling bad. He just had a sore hip. But when his son was hurt in a 4-wheeler accident he took the opportunity to consult with his boy's bone specialist. The results were not what he was expecting.

"My son had a four-wheeler wreck and trashed his shoulder in three places, so he had to go to a bone specialist," Eddie recently explained to Country Weekly. "I'd been trying to exercise, get back to losing weight again, and was there talking to the bone specialist telling him how I'd been hurting in my hip."

The doctor offered to X-ray Eddie's joint, but when he did, he made a chilling discovery. "He X-rayed it and pulled me to the side, away from my son and said, 'I don't know about your hip, but you need to go to a prostate doctor immediately, because I see a shadow there."

via Eddie Montgomery Opens Up About Cancer - News - Country Weekly Magazine.

It was prostate cancer, the same disease that claimed his dad at age 52. Eddie underwent successful surgery in January and is now cancer free but his story is a cautionary tale for all men. All men between 40 and 75 should undergo regular prostate cancer screening especially if there has been familial history of the disease.

Montgomery Gentry will be appearing at the Turning Stone Event Center August 1st.