April Fool's Day is just days away and if you're looking for something to pull off without a lot of work here are some simple pranks.  While we don't have the money or time to pull off the fake train car pictured, we can still have some fun.  These are inexpensive and no one should get hurt.  However they could leave some frustrated, messy or with a bad taste in their mouth.  And please, you didn't hear them from me.

The Kool Aid Shower Prank

Polly Wogg's favorite, put Kool Aid in the shower head.  Preferablly red.

Onions Disguised as Caramel Apples

Requires a little work, you probably should make some real ones too, just to appease the victim and aid the disguise.

Fake Oreo Cookies

Spin them apart and replace the creme with toothpaste.  You get the creamy goodness and the laughs.


The Balloon Cake

-There's a lot of variations on this one, covering a balloon with frosting or hollowing out the middle of a double layer cake and inserting it.  The results are equally good.


Get more ideas here and for good kid's April Fool pranks go here.

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