April fools is starting to show some amazing jokes on the local front. Price Chopper is pranking their Facebook following in a great way.

Price Chopper posted the following on their Facebook feed:

Attention Chopper Shoppers! Due to numerous complaints from our customers regarding excessive spare change as well as stray pennies lying in our parking lots & stores, we will no longer be accepting pennies at our registers effective May 1st."

Clearly the store is kidding, but it didn't stop people from thinking it was real and complaining!:

So does that mean you won't be giving out pennies in change also. You know, if it's something like $42.98 and I get 2 cents change, I don't get my change anymore. What if my bill is $??.33. I can't give you the 33 cents? What a pile of crap!!! Who came up with this stupid idea? This is way overboard. And how many customers complained? Maybe if the cashiers didn't thrust the change in your hand to get onto the next customer, it wouldn't be a problem"

Be sure to drop off all pennies at area Price Choppers.


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