If there is a positive with all the recent rain this could be it. Multiple reports are saying there's an early run on Salmon. One of the quotes states, "More fish than people.

An article in Upstate New York quotes fishing guides and bait shops as seeing large numbers of fish making the move up stream although the times seem to be varied. One, reports hooking one on every cast for one hour, then no action for a couple of hours.

Here's a report from one of the guide services, Douglaston Salmon Run at 6:30 last night.

Most anglers describe the fishing today as "epic." Reports of a good solid push of fish at the beginning of the day down low (one angler estimated the number to be around 700, mostly kings) and at the same time and throughout the day the middle section of the run had its own population of fish (most cohos).


As usual in the world of fishing, knowing the "when and where" is the key to a successful trip. The DEC's website has weekly updated fishing reports for Western New York and Central New York. Other good places to get the latest on fishing reports are tourism sites like; Fish Onondaga County and Visit Oswego County.


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