He may not be a force on the charts anymore but Dwight Yoakam still know how to pack them in. The "Fast As You" singer performed two sold out shows at Nashville's iconic Ryman Auditorium last Friday and had the ladies screaming for more when he performed his signature "hillbilly moonwalk". Don't remember it? Check out Dwight singin' and hillbilly moonwalkin' through "Guitars, Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music".

CMT reported that the crowd and Yoakam were both highly energized.

Hardly stopping to catch his breath, the eccentric artist blasted through more than 30 songs in a two-hour performance. "I have never felt better than I do tonight!" proclaimed the veteran entertainer during his encore at the end of the concert. "Y'all have been hootin' and hollerin' at us all night."

via CMT : News : Dwight Yoakam Unleashes Hillbilly Swagger in Nashville.

Although not everyone's cup of tea I have been a big fan of Dwight's "California Country" sound since I first started at the FROG 25 years ago and enjoyed seeing him in person at Vernon Downs a few years ago.