In a bizarre incident in Syracuse Thursday morning, the popular "Glazed and Confused" donut truck was stolen, driven around for a while, then deposited in the Inner Harbor.

Owner Paul Valenti showed up to make donuts at his brick-and-mortar location at 211 North Clinton Street in Syracuse, only to discover the truck was not in the parking lot. One of his employees that worked late the previous night said he had not moved the truck. Valenti then contacted Syracuse P.D. to report the truck stolen.

Enlisting the help of Glazed and Confused's Twitter following, Valenti was able to get the 411 on the missing truck within minutes. Several Twitter followers said they had spotted the purple and turquoise truck near Syracuse's Inner Harbor, at the corner of Bear and Van Rensselaer streets.

"It's amazing what power social media has. This has to be the quickest case ever solved, thanks to the community." -Glazed and Confused owner Paul Valenti

When retrieved, the truck was found to have no exterior damage, but the inside was "trashed." But a serious plot "hole" saw no donuts harmed during the theft.

Syracuse Police were said to have been offered plenty of donuts for their efforts, feeding the cliché.

As of this writing, there are no leads on who might've committed the heist.

Glazed & Confused Syracuse via Facebook
Glazed & Confused Syracuse via Facebook

Glazed & Confused is a small-batch donut shop launched in 2016 at the annual Taste of Syracuse event. Donuts are made from scratch daily at their shop on Clinton Place.

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