A lot of new things are happening for an already great restaurant in Whitesboro. Now there is just another reason to go there!

Specializing in all things gluten-free, City Cafe already amazes those with great bites to eat walking through the doors. It seems like not only are new menu items debuting, but even their hours are changing. One of the things that seem most impressive is called a Freak Shake.

They are calling these a creative take on shake towers. If you've never had a shake tower, it seems pretty obvious to be a milkshake with many more delectable treats tossed onto it, forming a tower of deliciousness. The one pictured above is something I think we all may need a little bit of in our lives at the moment.

Many more items are calling it a comeback onto a new menu for the Oriskany Boulevard eatery. So many people are in love with fried pickles, they are coming back. They also have brought back fried Oreos. If you didn't make it up to the fair this year, or any fair in general, now you can grab some at City Cafe. Although, those are looking to be a special thing as they are saying on their Facebook page to stop in this week for them.

If you're stopping in for a bite, they have changed their hours too. All to stay open a little later on Friday for those coming back from a football game. In all of their posts, they are saying they'll be open until 8 pm that night.

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