One thing you have to remember during the winter, and especially during cold temps, take care of your pets. They can't sit outside long, and really shouldn't. In Ohio, one poor pup as found frozen solid.

The Toledo Area Humane Society of Ohio is investigating the death of a dog in Central Toledo that was found outside and “frozen solid.” The female dog had died after curling up on the front porch of a home. If you're like me, you just had anger/sadness in your heart after reading that.

Megan Brown, a cruelty investigator with the humane society, reports to The Blade that she has no idea how long the poor pup was outside:

Ms. Brown said an underweight male dog was inside the house. She saw him through a window and seized him that afternoon after obtaining a search warrant."

Contacted by The Blade, Victor Vallejo reports that the dogs are his and added he was unaware of any issues. The utilities to the house were recently shut off, and he was staying else wheres. He was going back to feed and care for the pets though.

“I wasn’t staying there, but I was going back and forth and feeding them. They had plenty of food and water,” he said. “I’ve been staying here and there at the moment. I kind of fell on some bad times.”

He said both are American bullies. The 3-year-old female was named Nanas, while the 4-year-old male is Haze. He said he loves his dogs, paid a lot of money for them, and intended to breed them."

The humane society is pursuing possible animal cruelty charges in Toledo Municipal Court. If this was an accident, let it serve as a reminder to please take your pets inside to a warm place.


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