What would you do if you saw a dog driving a tractor? I wouldn't know if it was a joke, or maybe I died and went to dog Heaven. This really happened in Europe, and it caused major traffic delays. 

Meet the sheepdog called Don. He's currently owned by farmer named Tom Hamilton. How did Don drive a tractor on the main road? The BBC reports Don leaned on the controls of the tractor.

While Mr Hamilton was examining a lamb he turned round to see the Gator utility vehicle crashing through the fence and heading down an embankment on to the northbound lane of the M74 with Don still sitting in it. The vehicle stopped after hitting the central barrier, smashing the windscreen.

Mr Hamilton said he feared that he had not pulled the handbrake properly and was extremely relieved that no drivers were hurt. The farmer was also relieved that Don escaped with little more than a fright."

Luckily no one was hurt, including Don. Plenty of jokes started pouring out on Twitter including: Will the dog have points on his licence? Was he breathalysed? Did police arrest him?

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