Is someone missing a dock? There's one floating down a river in Upstate New York.

The massive dock is traveling down the St Lawrence River and was last seen in front of the docks in Chippewa Bay. Strong winds over the weekend pushed it into the inner bay where it ran aground in the shallow water.

The owner of the dock has been notified. Now they just have to figure out how to tow it back to where it came from.

Credit - William A Ditterline
Credit - William A Ditterline

Sinking Ice Shanty

This isn't the first thing to go floating down the river.

Last winter an ice shanty fell through thin ice on the South end of Canadarago Lake on the East side.

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Credit - Sue Bronson
Credit - Sue Bronson

Home Floats Down West Canada Creek

Then there was the camp seen floating down the West Canada Creek after heavy rains in Central New York left rivers, lakes, and streams overflowing.

The seasonal camp in Poland was owned by a couple from the south who weren't there at the time.

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Roads Washed Out

Several roads and bridges were washed out throughout Central New York during the massive flood in 2019. Emergency crews were busy rescuing stranded residents from their homes. 2 women even had to be saved after sitting in a water-filled SUV for an hour.

All that remained of the red camp after the flood was a shed, a golf cart, and part of the porch.

Photo Credit - Skyler Goodney
Photo Credit - Skyler Goodney

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