Two women spent an hour trapped inside a water filled SUV for an hour before help arrived in central New York.

Nichiah Humphrey and Kristie Collis Griffith were driving home on Route 5 in Frankfort when flooded roads forced them to turn around. "Water grabbed the SUV and it just started rushing in," says Humphrey.

Nichiah Humphrey

The women called 9-1-1 but it took Schuyler Fire Department awhile to find a way to get to them. "The SUV filled up so fast," says Humphrey. "It was at our ankles when we called for help and at our belly buttons buttons by the time we hung up."

As Humphrey and Griffith waited in the dirty, cold water for help to arrive, 6 people were rescued from the roof of house 500 feet away.

Nichiah Humphrey

Help finally arrived and pulled both women out the windows. "I'm 6 months pregnant, so it was tough getting out." says Humphrey who is thankful to be dry and safe.

Watch as water rushes in to the SUV as the women wait for help to arrive.