A number of famous actors got their start by doing commercials. Today many A-list stars continue their commercial work but this time not in front of the camera. They are part of the lucrative world of commercial voice overs. Take a listen and see if you recognize their voices.

John Cusack. This kind of commercial looks like one that Sam Elliot would have been perfect for but John does it well.

Lisa Kudrow. Obviously Lisa would like all her "Friends" to try it.

Matt Damon. TD Ameritrade went "hunting" for some "good will" and came up with Matt. Of course.

Jon Hamm. If anyone should know how to sell it's "Mad Men"'s Jon Hamm.

"The Week" came up with a list of 11 top actors doing voice over work including Morgan Freeman, John Corbett and Jason Sudeikis. It's good money, sure, but I doubt they really need it.

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