So, who would you rather talk to--your partner or your dog? For some, that's a difficult question to answer, as a new survey finds that 18 percent of women spend more time talking to their dog than their partner.

The survey comes from the British dog food company Burgess Supadog Sensitive.

Although talking to your pet more than your partner may sound a little odd, I totally get it. Sometimes, when your having a tough day and you just want someone to listen and not necessarily say anything, your pooch is the perfect listening buddy.

The survey, conducted by the dog food company, also found that 42 percent of people have taken time off from work to nurse a sick pet back to health. And, so your pet has a little bit of company while you are out of the house, 34 percent of pet owners leave the radio or television on.

I was pet sitting a few weeks back and I left the radio on Big Frog 104 to keep the animals company.

So, who would you rather talk to--your dog or your partner?

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