Sandy Thomas is divorced and her friends wanted to celebrate. They bought the marquee sign at the Kallet Civic Center in Oneida to congratulate her. But the message caused quite a stir.

The sign was taken down a few hours after it went up because it "could be perceived as negative to parties involved."

Several people complained about the message. Jennifer Jones Roberts felt it was tacky and "not good for Oneida's image." But others supported the sign. Alicia VanLandingham didn't "see anything wrong with it" and Penni Jennings Conley said people "should focus more on the eyesores in downtown Oneida, the loitering etc then someone's happiness!! This is America! If she is happy, I am happy for her!"

A friend of Sandy Thomas says "she went through 4 years of trying to get a divorce and she really needed that sign. Even if people think it's tacky I think it's her form of liberation. We celebrated over the weekend anyway but she definitely deserved the sign. We thought it was cool."

The marquee has a new message Robin Collins noticed. This was up yesterday. I'm offended. Excuse me while I make a call," she jokes.

Robin Collins
Robin Collins

What do you think? Should the message stay or go?


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