It is rumored that a mother bear and her two cubs in the in the Town Of Webb will be killed.

Robin Surprenant-Talerico captured this video while following the mother bear behind Old Forge Storage where she also discovered the two cubs. Robin said:

There was a guy who came out with a shotgun and ammunition and I stopped him from shooting her. We argued for some time but I kept my car between the bears and this guy. It got messy and he started to follow me in his truck so I called the police. The police came and I stayed across the street where the mom and babies were in a tree. The police then called me and said this man had a pellet gun and he is allowed to shoot the bear. I was appalled and argued with him. He then told me that this bear was aggressive and the DEC had plans to put down the mother and I asked about the babies and he said they would be killed too. I didn't see any aggressiveness except by the guy who had the gun. I called the DEC two times last night and no return call. I will be calling the police again today to verify.

The Town of Webb Police Department responded:

There was an incident with the bear and two cubs September 1, 2016,  at Enchanted Forrest Park, campground, and storage area on Rt. 28. Employees have a Winchester pellet gun available to them to deter bears that walk into their area looking for food. The DEC has been in the area for the past week assessing the situation. This is not the only family of bears at this location. There is another bear with three cubs and a single bear. The police department does not kill bears. They will only deter the bears and try to get them to move along while notifying the DEC. This particular bear has already destroyed a vehicle looking for food and is teaching the cubs the same behavior.

We have reached out to the DEC for comment.

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