It may not be exactly what you think of when you hear Mount Rushmore, but New York has a similar man-made wonder that's hidden away in the Catskills.

Pratt Rock is known as the Mount Rushmore of the East, but was actually built somewhere between 1842 and 1862, over 60 years before construction on South Dakota's Mount Rushmore began in 1927. Pratt Rock honors Zadock Pratt, who was a tanner, banker, soldier with the New York militia, and member of the United States House of Representatives, according to the Zadock Pratt Museum.

The rock lies at the end of Pratt Rock Trail in Prattsville, with carvings that depict Zadock Pratt, his son George who served and died in the Civil War, a horse, a hemlock tree, the tannery, an arm raising a hammer, the Pratt coat of arms, and a wreath with the names of two of Pratt’s children.

Pratt Rock Trail is a moderate trail for visitors wishing to take a look at the historic carvings. All Trails writes that the trail is a 1.6 mile trek with an elevation gain of 636 feet. Although the hike is fairly short, All Trails writes that it's a steep climb, and may be unfit for young children.

Take a look as this hiker captures some great drone footage to document the Mount Rushmore of the East.

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