It was "Country's Biggest Night," but did the CMA Awards get it right? Not just the award winners, but did they balance honoring the victims of tragedies while still highlighting the music and having some fun?
The CMA's originally had asked the media covering the red carpet not to ask questions about politics and guns. At the urging of some artists they rescinded the ban and it made for some good fodder for Brad and Carrie's opening monologue. It did seem to a bit subdued from past years though.

In regards to performances, there didn't seem to be as many collaborations with artists from outside of the country format. Although, I found the Pink performance somewhat out of place. Eddie Montgomery returning to the stage to honor his late partner, Troy Gentry seemed to bring the most tears.

In picking the winners you can't get it really wrong can you? They're all great performers, writers and producers. Most importantly for those scoring at home, I took Polly down 5-4 in picking the winners. Maybe that'll quiet all that Vernon National bragging.

What did you think of the show?  What were your favorite performances and winners?


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