If there is any country music duo that is at the forefront of the "Bro Country" or "Hick-Hop" movement, it's Florida Georgia Line. The popular pair has done another remix with a rap star. Their first, "Cruise" was with Nelly and now they've teamed up with Jason Derulo.

Before I tell you what I think, I want you to listen to the latest "This Is How We Roll" Remix featuring Jason Derulo and Luke Bryan (Barely!).

Take a moment to let that sink in...

When FGL did their "Cruise" remix, I thought to myself okay, they wanted to add someone else to the mix I get it. In this case I think they totally dropped the ball. I believe that the addition of Luke Bryan on the track was great enough. It brings up the age old question, why try and fix what's not broken? Yes, I know Luke Bryan was in this version, but as I said...Barely!

I understand that many of today's country artists are trying to appeal to more people, but I truly believe this is going too far. If FGL wanted to team up with Jason Derulo on a track, that's fine, but don't ruin a perfectly good collaboration with Luke by adding Derulo to the mix. When I heard this rendition I was skimming channels out of town and almost drove off the road.

I want your opinion! Am I right or wrong?

The "Bro Country" and "Hick-Hop" era is here, there's no doubt about that, but there is a time and place for everything.


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