It's only July, but Devin Dawson has already had quite the year. From getting engaged to co-writing one of this year's biggest songs, he's in no shape to slow down.

Now before his show with Chase Rice at Paper Mill Island, Devin called in to reflect on his monster year and look ahead at what's to come.

Devin, along with songwriters HARDY and Jordan Schmidt, is one of the masterminds behind "God's Country."

"This was actually literally the first song I wrote this year: January 7th after three weeks off or whatever," Devin said. "We never take days off of songwriting. I mean, I don't anyways; I do it everyday. It was this thinking I was probably gonna get back up on the bike, stumble a little bit. I love writing with [Hardy] because I bring this kind of alternative country rock thing and he brings this super-redneck thing and we meet in the middle and 'God's Country' happens."

Devin said he's a huge fan of Blake's, so when Blake heard the song a couple days later and wanted to sing it, it was a no-brainer for the three writers.

"It's seriously a huge bucket list for all of us and for us to have our names on a song that we're really proud of and that has obviously taken the year by storm is freaking insane," Devin said.

He's also taken the year by storm with now-fiancée Leah Sykes. They got engaged in March and, with the help of Leah's sister, who's a wedding planner, they'll be tying the knot in late October.

"I wanted a fall wedding because I like that moodier, darker vibe, obviously," Devin said.

Don't believe him? Just take a look at his wardrobe or his Instagram feed and you'll find a LOT of black.

Devin also said his relationship with Leah has influenced his songwriting and fans can expect a newer sound on his upcoming music.

"When I wrote 'All On Me' I wasn't in love. I was really just writing a love song that maybe I could say to somebody one day, and the love songs I was writing were kind of where I wanted to be, not where I was," Devin said. "Now the love songs I write are where I'm at."

But he doesn't want to be mistaken: he's not forgetting the heartbreak and struggle that made him the man and songwriter he is.

"Once a dark horse, always a dark horse. I will always have these heart-wrenching, vulnerable, kind of brooding songs," Devin said. "I just love singing those. I'm never going to be heartbroken again but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna sing about it because other people will, and I've gone through it so much that it's made me who I am. I don't think people have to worry about 'Is he gonna go soft? Is he going soft on us?'"

Prior to his show in Baldwinsville, Devin said he's never played in Central New York, although he's come close with shows in Albany and Saratoga Springs.

"I'm still a new artist. I have a couple hits but it's like there's these places that we've still never played and I love playing those kind of shows because people finally get to see us live and really see the authenticity with what we bring and how we just have a good time together and put on a show. I'm looking forward to the first time, really, being in [Central New York]."

Listen to the full interview with Devin here.

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