Every year the holiday season is a headache for delivery drivers. But for those in New York State, we know there are extra hurdles to deal with thanks to the weather and the varying demographics.

With Christmas in the rearview, I think all delivery drivers and managers deserve a shout-out for making it through their most difficult time of year.


Overload on Packages

With the amount of people now shopping online, you job just got a whole lot harder this past holiday. The number of packages being ordered and delivered increases every year, without you we wouldn't be able to get any of them.

It's something that people are aware of, but still worth sending our most sincere thank you for. It's not an easy time of year, but we are grateful for the hours and hard work you put in to make our holiday season a success.

Kit L.
Kit L.

Respecting Customers

If there was one thing I didn't hear at all about this year, it was upset customers complaining about delivery drivers. Years past we've heard stories of boxes thrown, damaged, and blatantly mishandled. But it wasn't the case this year.

You all stepped up your game and committed to doing the job right. That is an accomplishment for both drivers and warehouse managers.


Unpredictable Weather

If there's one thing you can't predict in any part of New York State, it's the weather. This had to have been one of the coldest and snowiest holiday seasons in quite some times. Sure we've had worse, but it wasn't like this year was any easier for drivers.

You powered through it all and still got packages to their place in time. Weather it was snow on the street or sidewalk, it didn't stop you all from plowing through and getting the job done. Thank you!

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