It’s officially summer and for many people, summer means summer flings. Luckily, New York singles will soon have a new place to meet up with potential suitors thanks to Bumble.

The dating app has plans to open Bumble Brew, a café and wine bar, in the Soho District of New York City this fall, Caroline Ellis Roche, Bumble’s Chief of Staff, told Bloomberg. She said the menu, developed with Delicious Hospitality, will feature date-friendly foods like sandwiches, croissants and salads, along with a variety of beverages from coffee to wine and beer.

“No spaghetti—nothing that would be awkward on a first date."

Grant Reynolds is partnering with Delicious Hospitality to create the wine list for Bumble Brew, according to Bloomberg. He said the restaurant will provide a solution to a common problem in big cities like New York because it aims to be both comfortable and generally inexpensive.

“We want you to come drink wine, but we don’t physically have room for people to stand around. It’s economically not conducive for restaurants to let people drop in at the bar and not spend a certain amount of money.”

New York is Bumble’s largest market, according to Bloomberg, and Manhattan alone accounts for 40% of the app’s 60 million users worldwide. While Bumble launched a physical pop-up in Los Angeles in 2017, Ellis Roche said New York made the cut for its first permanent location because of those metrics.

“Our users want experiences; we know that from our data.”

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