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    Soldier Surprise

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    Remember the Elements Girl

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    Mensa Girl Has 159 IQ

    Four-year-old Heidi Hankins from Winchester, England, taught herself how to read, complete basic arithmetic and even draw accurate pictures of people. Her latest IQ test gave her a score of 159. She’s so intelligent, not just for her age but for anyone with a working brain, that she’s been admitted to Mensa, the international high IQ organization. Just to put her IQ in some perspective, here’s how she stacks up against some of history’s smartest people: • Writer Ralph Waldo Emerson (155) • Artist Rembrandt van Rijn (155) • Writer Jonathan Swift (155) • President John Adams (153)

    BBC Online/Dan Kitwood, Getty Images
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    Vacuum Cleaner Baby

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    Perfect Imitation of the 'Movie Trailer Guy'