Vote for your favorite 'Cute Kid' of the week

1. Mensa 3 year old Still a Kid
Emmelyn Roetteger scored a 135 on an IQ test, and was accepted into MENSA but she's still a toddler, as this bit from the Today Show shows us.

2-Keegan Sleep Eats
Keegan of Lee Center likes pizza so much, he continues to eat while he's sleeping

3-Climbing Walls for Candy
Kids love candy and there isn’t much they won’t do to have some. These two actually climb the wall like Superman to get theirs.

4-Lock Picker
Some five-year-old girls play with Barbies, while some watch cartoons. Others practice criminal activities. This five-year-old can pick a lock in under a minute.

5-Hey Jude
3 year old who sings and plays guitar to 'Hey Jude' on a Korean television show.