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1-Kid raises $10K with Lemonade stand for dad's cancer treatment

Six-year old Drew Cox, set up a lemonade stand to raise money for his dad, Randy's cancer treatment. Word about Drew’s efforts quickly spread throughout the East Texas community, and soon the line for his lemonade stretched down the street. Drew netted over $10,000 for his day’s work.

2-Girl's reaction to becoming a big sister

3-Girl With No Hands

Despite being born with no hands, Annie Clark is a pretty normal kid. She dresses herself, drinks soda from a can she opens, types on her computer and hopes to one day write a book about animals. Oh, and the seven-year-old just won a trophy and $1,000 in a national penmanship competition.

Granted, only students with disabilities are eligible for the Nicholas Maxim Award, which is presented by textbook company Zaner-Bloser Inc. But here’s the kicker: Clark only came to the attention of Zaner-Bloser because she had won a penmanship prize among all the students at her elementary school.

4-Girl plays with otters

5-Perfect Pitch

Andrea Chiaradio, of Stonington High School in Connecticut, pitched a perfect game by striking out every single batter she faced — 21 of them over the course of the seven-inning game. The opposing team didn’t even hit a foul ball. That’s right — they never made contact with any of her pitches.  She's only the second softball pitcher in history in the state to toss a perfect game while striking out every batter faced.