Back in March, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order for the state of New York to temporarily suspend vehicle inspections. That order will expire.

According to the Utica OD, Cuomo's order is set to expire on October 4th. However, he has extended this several times already and may do it again. 

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New York's inspection shop owners, who were hit with a significant drop in customers when COVID-19 was at its height, are encouraging Cuomo to let the order expire and reinstate the annual inspection requirement.

"The DMV encourages New Yorkers to have their vehicles inspected if they are past due," DMV spokeswoman Lisa Koumjian said in a statement.

"The DMV is notifying customers who have an expired inspection or driver license that they are due for renewal and we are providing details on the ways in which they can renew."

Cuomo's order applied to any vehicle with an inspection that was current as of March 1st 2020. About 10.5 million vehicles are registered to operate statewide here in New York. There are about 10,000 auto shops with state certification to perform inspections. The DMV has a tool online for you to find a shop close to you.

Those shops were deemed essential by the state, so they've remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the inspection requirement suspended, many shops saw between a 30% and 60% drop in business from March through June, Bombardiere said.

While the DMV is encouraging motorists to get their inspections, the agency has not given any indication about how much notice will be given before Cuomo's order is rescinded.

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