Tis the season across New York for new puppies. Governor Cuomo is no stranger to a new pup either. Recently he joked that he thinks his new dog has an "diagnosed bowel disorder". 

The Governors dog is only 4 months old. Puppies need a lot of training. We just got Harper, whose around the same age. She's learning quick that "outside to go potty" is a must.

Cumo tells the Democrat and Chronicle that he is experiencing the normal beginnings of owning a puppy:

"We're going through that great period of house training, house breaking. I read all the books," Cuomo said. "I think this dog has an undiagnosed bowel disorder. The dog cannot urinate or defecate if the temperature is under 68 degrees," Cuomo continued with a laugh."

Cuomo says he takes the Northern Inuit out for a walk, but not much happens for Captain. Story of my life Mr. Governor. I take Harper out, and she will stand there. I'll bring her back inside, and she pees.

Stories like this remind you whether or not you agree with his politics, we can all agree that puppy training can be hard at times. Best of luck sir.


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