After the tragic death of her husband, Backroad Anthem singer Craig Strickland, Helen Strickland has been trying to find glimpses of joy. One of those glimpses, she says in an Instagram post, came from a letter he wrote to her for their wedding day, which she included in a photo.

The letter is sweet and personal, written in pen on plain paper and decorated with hearts at the top.

“You are someone that I could never have even placed in my wildest dreams as becoming my wife,” Strickland wrote just before he tied the knot. “I laugh when I think about all the things I love about you because there are so many!"

Strickland goes on to compliment her cooking skills — “I love how you can cook asparagus 4 different ways” — and her joy in small things — “I love seeing the joy you get out of me doing something simple like cleaning the living room!” He concludes that she makes him “the happiest man in the world” and signs off with a classic representation of his goofy side. His name is written a little sloppily, and his comment beside it reads: "I almost wrote Greg?"

Helen wrote “lol” in reference to that part — his sense of humor still making her laugh even though he is gone. “God knows just how to make me smile,” she wrote in the caption.

Strickland went missing in late December after venturing out on a hunting trip with a friend when severe whether was imminent. Rescuers found his body a week later, his boat having capsized in a lake and Strickland having swam to shore. The extremely cold temperatures caused hypothermia. Strickland’s band, Backroad Anthem, plans to continue playing, but remain grieving the loss of the singer. They recently posted a previously-unseen music video they recorded last year for their song “Torn,” writing that they wanted fans to see Strickland doing what he loved.

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