Craig Strickland, the 29-year-old singer of Backroad Anthem, was laid to rest on Tuesday (Jan. 12) following a live webcast of his memorial service at Cross Church, in Rogers, Ark. Strickland's wife, Helen, shared her appreciation of fans for their support during this difficult time, as well as the love she had for her husband in several Instagram posts throughout the day.

"Today I buried my husband," she writes. "This is a picture of the letter I put in his jacket pocket."

In the letter, Helen expresses her love for her late husband and her acceptance that she will see him again. "I love you with all my heart," she says. "I will miss doing life with you on this earth. You were my person and are the love of my earthly life. Thank you for sharing the last few years you had with me. I know you are in better hands than mine. The Lord is taking care of you, and loves you more than I could ever imagine. I can't wait to see you again in heaven. I love you ... I can't say that enough. I will see you soon."

She then thanked fans for their support in another photo of the memorial service, adding, "I will do everything I can to carry on your legacy of establishing relationships and loving people."

Strickland was found dead in Kaw Lake in Oklahoma on Jan. 4 after he and friend Chase Morland went missing during a duck hunt on Dec. 27. Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials confirmed that Strickland’s body was discovered north of where his boat capsized, a result of Winter Storm Goliath.

Remembering Craig Strickland

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