Several Romans on Facebook are sharing photos of coyotes spotted in the city. One was just spotted in the area of the city near the School of Deaf. 

Several stories have been posted to the "People Places and Opinions of Rome NY" Facebook group:

I just wanted to let those in the middle of Rome know that the coyote is back, I just got this on my camera the other night. Please stay inside at night and keep pets inside as well. This was the same block as the Deaf School."

Animal Control of Rome has been made aware, and so has the DEC. According to the DEC, it isn't rare for coyotes to adapt to living in a city area. Coyotes live throughout upstate New York and actually commonly can be found in many suburban and urban areas. Why's that? There is plenty of food supplies: mice, voles, squirrels, rabbits, deer, and many fruiting plants. Also, outdoor pets, garbage, pet food, and road kill contribute to finding them in the city.

Please keep your pets indoors at night. If you spot these animals, please report it to Rome Animal Control at (315) 337-6260, and to the DEC.



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