Everyone loves good news, and its even better when you announce it in a special way. Take a look at how this couple shared big news with their family.

Joe and Racheal traveled from southwestern New York to Buffalo this weekend to watch the Buffalo Bills host the New England Patriots.

If you don't know, the Patriots are just about the biggest rival the Bills have in the NFL.

What makes that important is Joe is a Bills fan while Rachael is a Patriots fan.

That rivalry is sure to add a bit of excitement to their announcement...that they're having a baby!

They used special shirts to make the announcement. Rachael's shirt says, "I've got a future fan in me," and has a Patriots logo below.

Joe's shirt says, "She's carrying my future fan," and has a Bills logo of course.

The two are also holding a tiny little onesie that says, "I'm the tiebreaker," with a picture of the baby's sonogram in place of a team logo.

Very cute guys.

Good luck to Joe and Rachael, and to their little bundle of joy on picking his or her new football team!


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