A man from New Zealand spent his Canadian vacation building the coolest igloo you'll ever see.

Daniel Gray was in Edmonton with his girlfriend Kathleen Starrie to see her family, according to Global News. To occupy the couple, Starrie's mother Bridgid Burton, sent them out in -25 degree weather to build an igloo. Anticipating the visit, Burton had been collecting and freezing milk cartons filled with colored water.

Five days and many hours of work later, the coolest, most colorful igloo was created.

The task was a test.  Burton wanted to see if Gray was worthy of her daughter's hand in marriage. 'I guess I accomplished that,' Gray told Global News. Although the couple has no plans to tie the knot anytime soon.

What a cool way to spend a vacation and it's a story the couple can tells for years.  Take a look at their work and the amazing result.


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