Have you ever thought your life was interesting or crazy enough to have a reality TV show made about it? Well, you just may have that chance. A production company with a great resume is coming to Utica in search of the next hit reality series and you could be the star! If there is something unique about you, your family, your job, your friends, your team or organization then this production company wants you! They are not looking for the best idea, they are looking for the best people that embody that idea.

If you feel like any of this applies to you, here is what you need to do:

- Send a brief description of your show idea, get right to the point. Seriously, just a few sentences, MAX! We want to know why YOU and A SHOW ABOUT YOU are UNIQUE.

- Something that shows you; photos, websites, videos, link to your Facebook page, your twitter account, whatever.

- Remember, if the show could exist with any random person playing your role, we aren't interested.

- An example of an idea we DO NOT want to hear is: You go to bars, hook up, party, get wasted, and that your life is "crazy"....that isn't unique...UNLESS...you are doing that in outer space, in a spaceship you built, just for that purpose.

You can send your submissions in an email to Paul Buckley at pbuckley@cityofutica.com.

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