A police officer's job is to protect and serve. Sometimes that even includes changing a tire in the middle of the night.

Mickyla Crouch got a flat in Syracuse and didn't know what to do. "I was going to see a friend and my tire pressure light came on," she says. "I thought I could make it to a gas station but I pulled over when the car started making a noise."

Crouch doesn't know how to change a tire and doesn't have AAA, so she called her family and a friend to wait with her until they arrived. "While we were waiting Officer Berg drove by. We waved him down and asked him if he knew how to change a tire."

Officer Berg offered to change the tire but told Crouch if he got a call, he'd have to respond. "Luckily, no calls came in."

Photo Credit - Mickyla Crouch
Photo Credit - Mickyla Crouch

After changing the tire, the officer told Crouch everything not to do on a donut. "He said to stay off 81 and find a different route home. We thanked him and wished him a safe night."

Thank you Officer Berg for being at the right place at the right time and stopping to help. The world needs more kindness like this.

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