New 'head lice policies' are in effect for some Central New York schools. 

Students are allowed to stay in school after treatment for lice at Syracuse Public Schools. The 'no nit policy' is no longer in effect. The Syracuse Department of Health Services is educating school staff, families and children on prevention and treatment of head lice.

The 'no nit policy' is intended to minimize head lice infestations and keep children in school lice and nit free. It requires sending home and barring all children who have head lice, eggs and/or nits on their hair from controlled settings such as school.

Here are the steps that will be followed at Syracuse Public Schools.

  1. Children with lice should be referred for treatment at the end of the day.
  2. Until the end of the day, avoid activity that involves the child in head-to-head contact with other children or sharing of head gear.

The Rome and Utica Public Schools retain the 'no nit policy.'  Children must be treated and will not be permitted to return to school until there is no sign of live lice or live nits but may return to school after hair treatment is completed and checked by the school nurse.

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